Midnight Sour EP

by Gabe Goodman

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Gabe Goodman is a 20-year old Boston native who has been playing guitar and writing songs since well before he knew his times tables. At age five he appeared on Bill Cosby’s Kids Say The Darndest Things, singing original songs and generally being a tubby little kindergartener. At age sixteen Goodman self-released his first album, Conundrummer, a low-key acoustic affair written and recorded almost entirely from his bedroom in Newton, MA.

2012 finds him on his third release, a collection of just two songs entitled Midnight Sour EP. Goodman takes his unique vocal style and relentlessly catchy melodies to a background of billowy synths and hip-hop beats, recalling current electronic/R&B heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and James Blake.


released 07 January 2012
all music written/recorded by gabe goodman

mixed/mastered by will radin & gabe goodman

artwork by rafael amadeo foster



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Bent Fiction
if i come around tonight
just to make my presence known
if i see you by daylight
negative we get exposed
better by my bedside
best for feeling less alone
and we can act like no time's
passed and i can take you home

but i'm coming to realize
we were young and full of shit
forever is a force of
fiction bent in pretzel twists
but come around tonight
and catch me up on what i've missed...

icing out the warmth in your embrace
best to keep my name up out your face
cozy in the back den
don't act like you didn't know
what was going on when
i was feeling less alone

came around last night
acting like i gave a damn
caught you in the dim light
lighting up another man
Track Name: Midnight Sour
all of these beautiful women
keeping me thoroughly sickened
toilets are toiling in my blood
left boiling by the
doors that you left a bit open
promises piercing me broken
shards are showing in the distance that's growing
but just don't look away
'cause you've got the stars in your face

i don't care much about words we can do without
come to my room
and the feelings rot me to my core
that's what the night is for 
numb after noon

camera phone pictures that break
the news into pixels that take up
infinite storage inside my digital forest
where trees are all branching off into moments enchanted that brush the
magical dust off all the cupboards that rust
because it's hard to find the drive
to even wanna go outside when i all i really wanna do
is find another way to miss you

but i don't care much about
words we can do without
come to my room
and the feelings rot me to my core
pick me up off the floor when midnight's sour too