by Gabe Goodman



girl, can't you feel your armor
crack as the summer sets?
rusted along the edge it
clanks as you beat your chest
to learn its empty inside

nobody acted swifter
so have i come in last
or first? when the overhead lights
off, does it seem to match
your imagination's lies?

but if you just stay calm
when you see our breath
fogging up the walls
or you think its best to take
you home now
when it feels unnatural

oh, don't seventeen feel nice
lit behind the display glass
or stuck in the old apartment
stitched from your favorite facts
a restful place in your mind

but i couldn't stay calm
with the radio off
no, nothing on at all
but our kisses cloaking us--
together, and it feels unnatural

in the back of your car
in the dark of your basement
in the parking lot
till my memory fades it
together, and it feels unnatural


released 19 September 2013



all rights reserved


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